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Sunny Meadows Flower Farm is an urban flower farm located 6 miles from downtown Columbus, producing sustainably grown fresh cut flowers. We are leaders in the industry for cut flower growing. Although we have multiple sales outlets, florist sales are our main focus and our florist customers get priority for variety and quantities needed.

We strive for responsible stewardship, with fairly treated employees, supporting a healthy community. Our flowers will arouse feelings of nostalgia, creating a botanical journey through seasonality and plant diversity.  We hope to cultivate a greater connection to where your flowers come from, historically influenced by small-scale floriculture.

Sunny Meadows Flower Farm was established in 2006 by Steve and Gretel Adams. We both found we had a deep passion for farming and a strong drive to make our business the best we can be. Being first generation farmers, finding mentors to learn from has become an important part of how we’ve built Sunny Meadows. Once we began growing, we immediately fell in love with spreading the joy of flowers. We started by selling straight bunches of flowers (mainly sunflowers and zinnias), until we started making bouquets, and that’s when the obsession with flower artistry really began. 

Our passion drives our growth to supply more people with domestically-grown flowers, setting us apart from the industry’s global market of imports that it is today.

We are lucky to have had the amazing team that has helped us along the way, and we're looking forward to many more years growing flowers for you! 

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