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Shipping Guidelines

Reshipping & Refunding Policies

Route insurance option at checkout:
  • What it is:  In order to have your order reshipped immediately, we are asking our customers to pay for additional insurance at checkout via Route. This is a percentage of the total order and is automatically added to your cart. If for some reason the order doesn't make it, or is damaged in any way, we will reship all or part of it at no additional cost. Substitutions of flowers may be necessary. Refunds will not be issued if your box makes it on time and intact.
  • What if I opt out: If the customer opts out of Route and wants the order reshipped, a new order will need to be placed and paid for in full. Please contact us to do this. A claim will be filed with the shipping carrier for the initial order & a refund will be issued if our claim is honored, which can take up to 3 months for resolution. Please email photos of the box and the flowers and we will file a claim with the shipping carrier.

We expect all florists to adhere to the following steps before contacting for replacement/refund. 

• Flowers are shipped tight and require a 3-8 hr rehydration period. Please recut stems upon arrival to allow for proper water absorption. (ps for an event Saturday, we suggest you ship Wednesday for Thursday arrival to ensure blooms have time to open fully.)

• Refrigerated storage is suggested to properly care for flowers and preserve them.  Don't store produce in your flower cooler as ethylene gas being released will speed up the maturation process. We are not responsible for improper storage.

• Due to the flowers being perishable, the receiver needs to be home day of shipment. Signature is not required so that the box will be left without being released to a person. Although all boxes are packed with an ice pack and fresh wrap, if you do not take them out of the box immediately we are not responsible for loss.

If flowers are not in satisfactory condition after the rehydration period, please be sure to take pictures of the flowers as well as the box. If you purchased Route Insurance you can use the confirmation email to send them a claim directly, and they will handle the refund/reshipment. See the Route FAQ page for more info.