Getting Started

This website is for established wholesale customers only. To register a new wholesale account, follow this link for instructions to submit your application.

Our flowers are organized by week number. For example: You have an event on Saturday, June 22nd and need flowers to arrive on Thursday, June 20th. June 20th falls in Week 25.

Orders open starting 3 weeks out. For example, if today is Wednesday, June 5th, you can place orders for Week 24 (June 10-15), Week 25 (June 17-22), and Week 26 (June 24-30).

Once your wholesale account has been approved, you’ll receive an invitation from Shopify to activate your online account. After that step has been completed, you’ll be able to login to the site and view what’s available in the coming weeks and place an order. Watch this video for more detailed instructions on how the site operates.

Our flower catalogues are organized by variety and color (example: Snapdragon-Apricot). Items that are listed as "Any" (example: Snapdragon-Any) means that the color will be selected from what's available in open stock. Flowers are sold by the bunch of 10 stems, unless otherwise noted - some premium crops or bulky stems are 5 stems per bunch, or a Grower's Choice bunch, and will be listed in the item description. 

We recommend ordering enough flowers to cover 10% loss. Not every stem will be perfect, and the longer the flowers need to travel to you, the more opportunity there is for failure or loss along the way. 

To view our inventory, select the week number that corresponds to the date you'll need your flowers to arrive by clicking on the menu icon in the top left; then choose the appropriate week number from the pop up menu on the left. From here, you can start adding items to your cart – it is important that your order includes only flowers available in the week you are ordering for.

To shop for future weeks, access the shop by clicking on "Week Number"  in the menu at the top of the page. From here, you can view all future weeks by scrolling down the page. For any dates beyond 3 weeks out, the inventory will be marked as "Sold Out" until we confirm availability. 

Availability is updated every Wednesday for each of the next 3 weeks, and sent out in our weekly newsletter. Each week, we walk the fields to predict what's coming in and we update the inventory numbers in our shop. This means we may add more inventory to an item that was previously sold out, or release additional items.

If your order includes flowers for multiple week numbers, those items may not be available for your shipping date and will be removed from your order. For example, to order flowers for delivery on June 22nd, all items on your order must be added from the Week 25 catalogue. For planning purposes use the 2024 projected seasonal availability.


With our production fields being located away from our home farm, it is essential that we know what’s needed so we have ample time to harvest your order. The order cut off is 2 business days before your order is shipped, delivered, or picked up.

If you need an order same day or next day, send us an email (sales@sunnymeadowsflowerfarm) or call us. If we can process your order, a Rush Order fee of $15 will be added to your order.

Sunny Meadows Order Deadlines


We do not process pre-orders. For orders beyond 3 weeks out, utilize our Projected Seasonal Availability list to find out which varieties we are growing.

For questions about varieties and colors, refer to the flower catalogues on the main page of our wholesale website, or shop future weeks on our website to see what we are planning to grow.


If you need to update the delivery date or cancel an order you’ve already submitted, send us an email with your order number and delivery date in the subject line.

If you need to add on to an order you’ve already submitted, place your order on our Shopify site as a separate order. If the shipping charges are inaccurate once we send them, we will refund the additional shipping charges. If the order is for delivery or pickup use the code ADDON at checkout to waive the additional delivery charge.


In the event we are unable fulfill your order, we will reach out to let you know and offer a substitution or a refund. If we are unable to reach you prior to shipping or delivering your order, we will make a decision based on your preference selected at checkout for that order.

All sales are final unless your order arrives damaged or incorrect. Please keep in mind we are shipping a perishable product that can be affected by weather conditions and transit times in unpredictable ways. We are not responsible for losses due to improper handling or storage.

If your flowers are not in satisfactory condition after the rehydration period, send us an email with your order number in the subject line along with photos of the flowers and the shipping box. Repack any unusable flowers back in the box and wait for further instruction in case UPS requests to pick up the package during the claims process.

We will work with you to determine if we can send a replacement order, or issue a credit to use on a future order. If you would like to receive a refund, we will file a claim with the carrier and forward the reimbursement if the claim is honored. Please note it may take up to 3 months for resolution.


If you need to cancel an order, send us an email with your order number to let us know. We will cancel your order and issue a refund in full, minus a 15% restocking fee.

If items in your order are rejected or refused at pick up or delivery, your order may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.