How Ordering Works

This website is intended for ESTABLISHED WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS ONLY.  If you have not submitted your customer packet and vendor's license, please fill that out here and attach the documents requested. Once you fill that out, you can request an account and we will manually go into the system to approve it, provided we have everything we need. If we need additional information we will let you know.

Also, if you have any questions or feedback about the site, please feel free to email.  Or if you need help figuring out what you need.  We hope this visual tool will you help you for better planning your designs!

This is a new system for us, so here's a breakdown of what to expect:

  • The shop is open from Wednesday at 12 PM- Monday at 5 PM for orders that week.  For example, on August 5th, the availability and inventory will be posted for week 33 (August 10-15).  This allows us proper time to plan harvest and ensure product is ready for pickup.
  • If you need to order after Monday at 5 PM, please send us an email as we'll have to see what is already available in the cooler.  This cutoff time lets us properly plan harvest.  Since our farm is in two locations (soon to be 3 as we expand into a new field), it is essential that we know what is needed prior to our Tuesday morning harvest, especially for Wednesday delivery.
  • If you are interested in placing a future order, please email us.  We will only be operating out of current inventory for this website, so will only have those weeks readily available to purchase.  We can always take a future order, and then we'll confirm two weeks out if there is anything that changes due to seasonality.
  • All flowers are organized by week number so that our collections are transferrable to future years.  For example, please search Week 11 if you are looking for flowers available March 9- March 14.  You can turn week numbers ON in the settings of the calendar on your phone to help for easier searching.
  • When placing an order pay attention to the week number you are ordering for. If you have multiple week numbers in your cart, you will receive the flowers according to the week number they're from. Ex) Week 15 tulips, Week 16 ranunculus in your cart, you will get them the week numbers they are labeled for.  
  • Please specify in your order notes whether you are delivery, pickup, or shipping.  And the Date Flowers are Needed.  So if you are a shipping customer and need the flowers on Thursday August 13th, we'll ship them on Wednesday August 12th.
  • If you are ordering for local delivery, Steve's delivery route is on Wednesdays and the delivery charge is $10. Contact us if you aren't sure if you are within our route.  Unfortunately we won't be able to do special delivery days this year since our delivery driver's schedule has changed.  If you are local and need it outside of our standard delivery day, you are welcome to pickup or we can ship to you.
  • If you are a shipping customer, we'll email you with tracking information so you know when to expect the package. We ship FedEx Priority Overnight.
  • Your order will take your payment information but will not charge you until the order is packed and ready to go.  This allows us to make any changes to the order (subs or add ons), or add shipping charges to the invoice before your card is charged.  

Thanks for coming to our site. We're excited to have this up and running, and we appreciate your business!