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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to order via email, phone, or text?

To order wholesale we require the proper documentation, and an account. Send us an email with an account request and we'll send you the list of what you need to become a customer in Shopify. Once you are approved we take orders via Shopify, and are transitioning away from orders via email, phone, or text messaging.

What is Route insurance option at checkout:

  • What it is:  In order to have your order reshipped immediately, we are asking our customers to pay for additional insurance at checkout via Route. This is a percentage of the total order and is automatically added to your cart. If for some reason the order doesn't make it, or is damaged in any way, we will reship all or part of it at no additional cost. Substitutions of flowers may be necessary. Refunds will not be issued if your box makes it on time and intact.
  • What if I opt out: If the customer opts out of Route and wants the order reshipped, a new order will need to be placed and paid for in full. Please contact us to do this. A claim will be filed with the shipping carrier for the initial order & a refund will be issued if our claim is honored, which can take up to 3 months for resolution. Please email photos of the box and the flowers and we will file a claim with the shipping carrier.

When can I pickup my order?

Monday 1 pm-4 pm ONLY as we have to harvest your flowers Monday AM.  Pickups will be available 8 am-4 pm Tuesday through Friday during peak season (Summer).  We are closed on Fridays in January & February, so pickups only available Monday-Thursday in the winter months.

Why can't I pickup my order until Monday at 1:00?

We harvest everything to order and with the crew being off on Sunday there is nobody to harvest your order. We need the morning to harvest and prep all of your orders. Thank you for your patience as we harvest your order!

Can I shop from the cooler to add on when I pickup my order?

Yes, however not everything we have available is bunched and harvested. Preorders are best as they allow us to get exact quantities of what you need in your color palette.

What if I cannot make it on my pickup day?

Flowers are harvested to order and cannot handle days of being outside of the cooler, so please contact us ASAP if you cannot make it. If it will be more than 3 days from when you wanted to pickup, we will need to cancel the order or reharvest it for you to maintain freshness, and you may incur a late cancelation fee.

When does my order need to be placed for Delivery/Pickup?

Reference our Order Deadlines schedule for the ordering policy for each day of the week.

How far in advance can I place my order?

We offer 3 weeks availability at a time. You can place an order anytime starting when the availability is posted for the 3 week time span, and it updates weekly. If you need to place an order further in advance, we accept orders 3 months ahead of time via email. 

What happens if you do not have a flower in my order?

Although we work hard to predict the crops blooming, there is a chance you could order something and we may not have it in the week you choose. If this is the case we will contact you for a substitution or a refund for that particular item. Check the wholesale website to see what is currently blooming!

Can I combine my orders if I need to place a second order?

If it is placed within the designated timeframe of order guidelines listed above, we can combine them, but anything after will be sent as a separate order as we have to harvest them separately.  If it charges you for shipping again, we can use that as credit towards your shipping costs, or can refund you the difference.

How do you predict availability?

Gretel walks through the fields weekly to provide a 3 week prediction. Each week we will add more availability so be sure to check back if you placed a future order. We err on the side of being more conservative while we are waiting for something to bloom. Check out our projected availability here!

How tall are the flowers?

We provide estimations of stem length in the product descriptions. Stem length runs from the bottom of the stem to the top of the flower head. Please note that these are estimations, not exact, and lengths may vary without prior notification. Flowers grown in the greenhouse vs the fields can have differing lengths. 

When do you ship via Southwest?

We ship using Southwest Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so be sure to place your order in time to fit these deadlines.

Where do you deliver to?

Columbus and surrounding areas ($15) on Wednesdays, Cleveland ($35) on Thursdays, & Cincinnati ($35) on Tuesdays.

How do I receive tracking information for shipments?

Once your order is fulfilled and the shipping label is purchased, we will send an email from Shopify including your tracking information, as well as any additional shipping costs.

Why are there additional shipping costs?

At checkout, it does not calculate actual shipping, but instead puts a flat fee of $25 for FedEx on your invoice.  Since we do not sell case sizes and each box is handpacked, we don't know the exact cost until it is calculated once the box is packed, weighed, and the shipping label is created.  Additional shipping charges will need approved on your credit card before your card is charged, an email will be sent directly from Shopify.

When can I cancel my order?

Same cancel deadlines as the order deadlines, and anytime after that there will be a cancellation/restocking fee.

What happens if I am unsatisfied with my order?

If it was shipped to you take a picture of the product as well as the box so we can send it into the shipping company. If it was picked up or deliver send us a picture of the product via email, for us to check for replacement or refund. 

* Friday shipping: If we have to reship on a Friday there may be a reship fee as it costs twice as much to ship on Fridays. *